Currently there are three ways to get the game:

  1. Print it using your own printer: cheap, but low quality.
  2. Print it using high quality, not cheap.
  3. Wait and join our next order at the end of the summer: high quality, cheaper, but you have to wait.

How to print a deck yourself

This zip file (900MB) contains the compiled cards for the first version of the game, the one played at RSS.

In particular, look for the files called ????-front.pdf and ????-back.pdf.

How to print using MakePlayingCards

To print our first batch, we used the company

In particular, the directory toprint of this zip file contains the JPGs that we sent to the printers. These are called card???-front.jpg and card???-back.jpg.

Choose the power paper size.

The price to print only one deck is in the order of $50 for a deck with 234 cards, plus shipping.

How to get a deck the next time we order a bunch

We plan to spend a few weeks refining the existing cards and creating new cards, and then we will put in a big order towards the end of Summer 2016.

If you want to join this order, please use this form to sign up.

The price to have the decks professionally printed is in the order of $30 for a deck with 234 cards.