Robotics is such a wonderful and diverse field! There are so many robots that you could create, with all sorts of combinations of sensors, actuators, computers, behaviors, and so on. We created the Robot Design Game to share our excitement about robotics with everybody else.

The Robot Design Game is a card game in which participants compete to create robot designs: they need to design a robot that can perform a task in a certain environment using a set of “resources”. It is similar to Iron chef, but with components instead of ingredients, and with peer-reviewed solutions.


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July 16, 2017: We will play the Robot Design Game during the RSS 2017 workshop on Minimality and Trade-offs in Automated Robot Design, which will be at MIT on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

Jun 2017: We just finished the new version of the game. You can see all the new cards here. The new deck has 324 cards, up from 236 cards of the previous version.

A brief overview of the game

The goal of the game is to design a robot for a particular task and environment.


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all environments

You will have available different kind of resources.


all comm. cards


all comp. cards

You also have some complete platforms to help you.


all platforms well as some precious collaborators.


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Finally, there are special cards to help.

Instant effects

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